Engineers and architects which are professionals with 20 years of experience at aluminum glazing systems of “Lodos” LLC are ready to support and advise about the static calculation of the design of aluminum glazing systems, 3D modelling, a working design, glass, anchorage and production drawings of other materials, details of installation and sketches of installation during 24 hours.

      We'll present you the static calculation, production, and installation of the most complicated geometric shapes (spherical, triangle, rhomb and etc.) aluminum glazing and metal facade systems without any measure mistakes.

    Our professionals with 20 years of experience reanalyze a ready design and pre-agreed(with the Contractor) estimate with the using of the special software and save minimum 3-10% of the estimate with the way of optimization of measure, material, production, and installation.

     Our experts participating at the meetings with your facade contractor for You will preserve your benefits as a customer and continuously supervise everything-from production to installation.

   Entrust all technical and business meetings with the Contractor to us and get aluminum glazing system of the building delivered.


Save the facades from failures...