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In the design of facades, we adhere to several principles.

Architecture is primary, that is, first determine the appearance, and then the methods of implementation. 
The maximum possible use of standard elements.
Seams on various elements simulating one part must coincide (for example, the seam on the platband and the seam on the slope, seams on different profiles constituting a single eave belt). 
After carrying out the measurements on the site, not the actually constructed bearing surface, but the design surface, corrected in accordance with the measurement results, is taken as a basis.
&Elements weighing more than 70 kg are used only in exceptional cases. 
All molded elements are designed taking into account trimmering (20-100 mm) during installation.

For us, of course, every step in the design of facades is important, and at each stage we give the customer a maximum of information so that he has got an idea of what he is paying for and what will happen as a result. In particular, advanced software for three-dimensional modeling is used during the designing of the facade which allows you to quickly make changes to the project, identify problem areas, minimize errors and obtain drawings and specifications.

At the stage of the commercial offer , together with the estimate, the customer receives, as a rule, a draft design, which includes 3D views, sketches of several variants of the main details.

The composition of the final documentation includes:

  • A draft design
  • General views of the facades
  • Drawings of the detail
  • Drawings of the individual elements
  • Drawings of the installation